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Member Reponse Needed

For Ohio Department of Health - Pandemic Flu Planning

Recently, the Ohio Department of Health asked our Association to participate on the Mass Fatality Management Subcommittee sponsored by the Ohio Department of Health. The purpose of this committee is to assist in the planning stages for a possible pandemic flu affecting our State. Under Emergency Support Function #8, the Ohio Department of Health is the Lead Agency for a pandemic flu response in our state. As such, this group has been tasked with trying to develop contingency plans for the State of Ohio should the normal flow of business be affected by a pandemic. This includes dealing with the potential for large numbers of human remains and limited resources with which to handle them.

In order to obtain some baseline numbers, we are asking ALL of our members to complete the survey which was mailed to all main firms on the Wednesday, Dec. 21st and return it by Friday, Dec. 30th to the OFDA office. We have asked that you return the form Via Toll Free FAX at 1-800-507-1465. We will not be identifying your firms with the numbers you provide so please be candid.

You may downlaod of copy of the survey at

You can rest assured that your Association and its leadership will be participating in the planning process to address some very difficult issues and in doing so, will do our best to keep the membership informed of any pertinent information that becomes available. Please watch our website at for ongoing information regarding Pandemic Flu Planning.

In order to obtain what we hope are the most realistic numbers, we would like you to consider the following assumptions when answering the survey:
- 50% of the workforce will not or may not be able to report to work.
- OFDA firms operating under any declared emergency plan would be protected from liability and would be eligible for re-imbursement.
- Remains will be kept secured and will always be treated with the utmost respect as conditions allow.
- Please report these answers on a per county basis (complete one survey for each county in which you operate your Funeral Home).

Thank you for your prompt attention to this very important matter.

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