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New Master Trust Investment for the New Year!

All of the Upside Potential with Downside Protection

We are extremely excited to announce a new Trust Product available to every member of OFDA effective January 1, 2006!

After almost a year of review and discussion, the Master Trust Committee, Executive Committee and OFDA Board of Directors has unanimously approved a Trust Account, professionally managed by Bank One/JP Morgan Asset Management.

This new product will capture all market growth with the additional protection of a minimum crediting rate, which will be reviewed annually. The crediting rate for 2006 will be 4% compound interest.

Effective January 1, 2006 the new Managed Account will be the only bank fund available in the Trust for new deposits.

We have posted temporary deposit tickets at to be used beginning January 1, 2006, until professionally printed materials are produced. You can expect to receive a supply of new forms mid-January. You may download the temporary forms until that time at

Please review these highlights of this unique trust product:

What are the features and benefits of the new Master Trust option?

*Trust Account actively managed by J.P. Morgan Asset Management with a minimum 4% return secured by a reserve account. The 4% minimum credited rate return is credited pro-rata monthly and compounded annually.

*Claims for preneed contract Completions will be paid out on the greater value of the market value of the contract or the minimum "4% credited rate value".

*Transfers out of trust and cancellations will be paid on the market value of the contract.

How does it work?

*Contracts are valued each month to the market value of assets.

*Contracts are valued using the minimum 4% crediting rate.

*A reserve charge is made to each contract and set aside into a Reserve Account.

*If, at time of Completion, the market contract is less than the 4% credited rate value, a charge for the difference is made to the Reserve Account.

*The Crediting Rate and the Reserve Account Charge will be reviewed annually.

*Both the Crediting Rate and the Reserve Charge may be changed at the direction of the OFDA Master Trust Committee.

The OFDA Office would be pleased to entertain any questions you may have on this premier member service now available to all OFDA members.

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