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Executive Director's Message - The Power of Legacy

by Stephen J. Gehlert, Executive Director

Funeral service is rich in a tradition of compassionate service to others. My guess is that each of us have been inspired by someone in our past to carry on this tradition and hopefully to improve on it.

That is Legacy!

The big question is whether we are working on inspiring, mentoring, and encouraging the future generations of caregivers in this unique profession.

Why is this important? I remember reading somewhere that we owe the most to those people who helped us become what and who we are. Whatever knowledge and skill we have acquired has been because of the thoughts, ideas and patience that others before us have managed to pass on to us. We have taken their experiences and have built upon them.

When you really think of the importance of legacy, it quickly becomes apparent that if we don't nurture and equip the next generation of funeral service, something intrinsic with be lost. And the ultimate losers will be the families in the future who don't receive the same quality service they are receiving today.

We all leave a legacy whether we know it or not; and whether it is good or bad. That being the case, it just makes sense to leave the most influential and positive legacy possible. One way to make sure our legacy is a positive one and will impact your community far into the future is to consciously ask yourself the following question;
If you could grant three qualities to a new funeral director, what would they be?
The answers to the question above are infinite. The challenge is to take the time to identify the qualities you feel are most important and then start to input those qualities to the person or persons who will carry on your legacy.

One final thought; Eric Hoffer once said "Those who invest themselves in becoming all they can become and, more important than that, those who invest themselves in helping others become all they can become, are involved in the most important work on the face of the earth. That is, they are helping to complete God's plan."

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