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By: Janet Blankenship, Resource Coordinator


34 items added to Inventory Overstocks 25% OFF
Take advantage of surplus copies of resources, many from the 25 "Best of the Best" list

100 items added to Inventory Reductions 50% OFF
Continuing to reduce the number of resources on hand in the Resource Center, take advantage of the large variety to serve your community.

2 New Resources Added:
* Revised Addition: Stepping Through the Awkwardness How to Help Someone who is Grieving the Death of a Loved OneMarilyn Gryte, Reg. $4.99 Now $3.75
* Recently Released: Healing MomentsA Collection of Inspiring Reflections After the Death of a Spouse, Mary J. Nowyj, Reg. $7.95 Now $5.95

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As always, please feel free to call 800-589-6332, email or fax 800-507-1465 your questions, comments or requests to Janet Blankenship.

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