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Executive Director's Message - The Value of Community

by Stephen J. Gehlert, Executive Director

The Value of Community

We have discussed the value of Associations many times in past newsletter articles. We have written abut the importance of getting involved, of contributing to your chosen profession, and the tremendous personal return of sharing important information with colleagues in an Association setting.

I would like to address another aspect of Association activity we don't often consider. That is the incredible Value of Community available to each of us through our Association commitment.

As our daily lives continue to accelerate at unprecedented speed, Community becomes more important, more relevant and more necessary for us to retain our balance and to continue our growth both personally and professionally.

Recently, I heard a message about Community that stressed three important facts:

1. Only In Community Do We Discover Who We Are
2. Only In Community Do We Become Truly Happy
3. Only In Community Do We Discover The Value Of Other People

One of the aspects of Association activity that pleases me the most is to watch members meet, work together, share personal and professional confidences, become friends, share family events together and ultimately develop a relationship that lasts a lifetime.
I have been blessed to see this scenario over and over in my Association career and it remains the essence of why I love what I do.

Let's continue to work together to make OFDA a Community where everyone is welcome, everyone is appreciated and everyone is free to truly make a difference.

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