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Executive Director's Message - Ducks on Roller Skates

by Stephen J. Gehlert, Executive Director

Recently I heard a story I believe has great value to think about as we begin a new year.

A man and his wife were visiting Sea World in Orlando, FL and had attended many of the noted attractions in the park including the Shamu Show and the Dolphin exhibit. He suddenly noticed a flurry of activity in the distance that caught his attention. At first, neither his wife nor he were able to determine exactly what they were witnessing, but as they moved closer, they were amazed to see a line of ducks on roller skates, wingtip to wingtip, coming towards them.

He said this was one of the most amazing scenes he had ever witnessed. However, as he got a closer look at these incredible ducks on roller skates, he noticed something peculiar. After the ducks had passed, he turned to his wife and made the comment, WELL, THEY CAN SURE DO IT, BUT THEIR HEART ISN'T IN IT!

Ever since I heard this story, I have wondered how many times someone may look at us, comment that we sure do possess a great deal of knowledge, skill, and ability but notice "our hearts may not be in it."

I sincerely hope this never happens, but we all know, the longer we do something, the more the chance exists that we begin to function on "Automatic Mode."

If this does happen, we risk doing good work, but without the heart that is desperately needed, especially in funeral service today.

A very good friend of mine said the same thing to me recently, but in a different way. He mentioned when he turned 50, he suddenly realized many times over the course of his professional career, his method of operation was to do the same thing 50 times the same way instead of looking for new and improved ways of performing his job.

As we begin a new year, let's challenge each other to "Keep Our Hearts In It" each and every day. Let's find creative ways to serve and unique ideas to comfort those in our care.
If we don't and if we ever lose our hearts for our special work, we risk becoming "Ducks on Roller Skates."

Have a Great, Prosperous and Creative 2007!

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