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Executive Director's Message - Seeking Hidden Treasure

By Stephen J. Gehlert, Executive Director

There seems to be recurring interest in the concept of Pirates and their constant search for treasure. I remember growing up watching Burt Lancaster and Errol Flynn playing rogue pirates in movies and dreaming of my own adventures over the seven seas.

More recently, a new generation has discovered the excitement and joy of these adventures with the three Pirates of the Caribbean movies and the exploits of Captain Jack Sparrow.

Well, I never became a pirate (nor a major league short-stop) but I have had the privilege and honor of seeking and finding hidden treasure throughout my professional career.
The treasure I'm referrering to is the very life blood of every Association, Civic Group or Volunteer organization that exists.

It is the talents, skills, experiences, successes (and failures), dreams, goals, interests, commitments, and passion of every individual who volunteers their time, energy and heart to make any organization better.


OFDA has been blessed over the years by incredibly gifted men and women offering their distinct gifts to the Association in such measure that OFDA continues to be one of the best and most respected Funeral Associations in the Country. I thank all of you for your contributions to our success over the years.

We are also extremely blessed to have a new generation of members getting involved and offering their own special gifts and enthusiasm for the benefit of the entire profession.
I encourage all of you to be a part of this incredible adventure by offering your talents and skills to your Association. There is no contribution too small or insignificant. Every new volunteer brings a new gift, makes us stronger and assures the future of funeral service in the state of Ohio.

The treasure you have in you is desperately needed. Don't let it stay buried; it will be more rewarding for everyone if it is found and put to good use.

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