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By: Janet Blankship, Resource Coordinator

Looking for remembrance items to give to a family or for a family to hand out at visitation or a service? Check out the following web pages:
An Aurora, Ohio company which provides a card with a "grieving pin" attached with a
verse sharing the concept. Cards also include a flower shape embedded with seeds and with either the "grieving pin" in the center of the flower or on a ribbon. Cards are also available for miscarriage and with various religious symbols, also available in Spanish (envelopes provided). Pet loss cards are also available with card and pin.
A Colorado company established to "commemorate a life lived," with a velvet pouch containing a glass vial of 9-10,000 regionally customized flower seeds including planting instructions. A custom-made hangtag may be imprinted with your firm's logo and other information you choose.
A Colorado company, which provides many embedded flower items. Check out their holiday gift tags shaped as a dove, star or tree and their Lil' Bloomer Bookmarks for ideas.
A New York company established to "Plant a memory for a greener tomorrow" has tree seedlings, bulb favors, plantable seed favors including butterfly shapes, option of verses, including memorials, on some items.
An Oregon company used by OFDA for Feeling Hearts, Tear Soup and other grief-related resources. Feeling Hearts are ceramic hearts available in assorted colors/textures for $1.25 each, or 12/$15.00. Also available are ceramic heart imprints. These come in pink or blue hearts with a hand or foot print; ivory with an angel, dragonfly, butterfly, or paw print for $1.50 each or 12/$18.00. All are available with a plastic bag with verse insert or bulk. Special orders are available if you would like a particular color and/or imprint.
A Michigan company's vision was to offer comfort to the bereaved and an opportunity to celebrate the meaningful occasions of life. Rosemary for Remembrance memorial packets contain scented rosemary which can be taken to the cemetery, or any place of shared remembrance. These beautiful lavender envelopes contain a resealable packet of scented rosemary botanicals with the story of rosemary printed on the back.

As always, please feel free to call 800-589-6332, email or fax 800-507-1465 your questions, comments or requests to Janet Blankenship.

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