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Executive Director's Message

By: Stephen J. Gehlert, Executive Director

Executive Director's Message
Not Just Returning Home;
Returning Home with Honor

At the NFDA Convention in Orlando last month, the keynote speaker was Navy Captain Gerald Coffee. Capt. Coffee was a naval aviator shot down during the Vietnam War who spent seven years as a Prisoner of War.

His message of survival, hope and courage as experienced by himself and the other American POW's was incredibly inspirational.

One part of his story that really touched me was his statement when he first became a prisoner, his goal was to return home someday. Capt. Coffee went on to say after witnessing the bravery, determination, love of country, faith in God and encouragement of his fellow prisoners, his goal changed to not just returning home,but returning home with honor!

Personally, I can't think of a better goal for each of us in everything we do in our professional or personal lives.

Serve our families,with honor
Contribute to our communities,with honor
Be the best spouse, parent, friend, brother or sister,with honor
Volunteer our experiences and resources,with honor
Be the best funeral association possible,with honor
Be a member who contributes,with honor

Developing honor is a life long process. Let's start today to do everything with one purpose in mind,.To Live our Lives with Honor!

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